About us

Who We Are

The organization was founded in the aftermath of the fall of the Regime of Saddam Hussein in 2004. A group of human rights activists representing diverse communities living in Baghdad set up the organization on the following principles: the non-governmental organization should be nonpolitical and non-religious

Al-Mesalla for Human Resources Development was officially registered in Baghdad in 2005. Its mission was set to develop a culture of Human Rights in Iraq, spread principles of nonviolence, and promote peace-building.

With the deteriorating security situation in Baghdad, the headquarters of the organization were moved to Erbil in 2006. It was then officially registered with the Kurdistan Regional Government and started developing its activities in the North of Iraq.

Following an influx of populations coming from the neighboring country of Syria in 2012, AlMesalladeveloped its humanitarian activities across the Kurdistan Region of Iraq in order to provide a swift response to the basic needs of the refugees. In 2013 and 2014, the humanitarian program was scaled up in order to provide much-needed services to the massive waves of displaced populations coming from the governorates of Anbar and Ninewa seeking safety in the Kurdish Region.

 Al-Mesala Organization is registered in:

  • Government of Iraq (GoI) Under Code 1L1911015
  • Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Under Code L-4698
  • System for Award Management (SAM) with DUNs Number 559645837