About us

Who We Are

 Al-Mesalla Organization for (Human Resources Development) is a non-governmental organization registered in the Non-Governmental Organizations Department in the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Al-Mesalla owns three programs: Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Program, which focuses on promoting peace and social cohesion within society, where our cadres work to build harmony and coexistence between different citizens through the various activities that we implement in various Iraqi governorates. The mirror and gender program focuses on empowering women to play an active role in society. This is done through specialized courses and training to help and empower women economically and build their capabilities in various fields. Human Rights Program: It focuses in particular on promoting community empowerment and building its capabilities in various fields such as childhood development, economic empowerment, environmental development, and others. Since June 2014, Al-Mesalla Organization has developed its services to the refugee and displaced community in Iraq, where it hastened to provide emergency support to the displaced by working in the camps to help them overcome the humanitarian crisis.

Our Vision and Motto

Motto: Change is not a place; It’s people!

Vision: To develop a society based on human rights, democracy, equality and good governance, and embrace a culture of nonviolence.

Mission: We work comprehensively to develop our infrastructure – human, financial and technological – and benefit from extensive implementation experience and share responsibility to achieve the necessary goals to support and promote development, support social stability, women’s rights, and respond to humanitarian issues, in partnership with all actors in civil society and government institutions

Who Benefits from Our Services?

The services of Al-Mesalla Organization benefit from the various individuals, communities and institutions in the country, regardless of their affiliations and identities, as we respond to the needs of human resource development by developing capacities and capabilities in various fields, and we also work to provide humanitarian assistance through rapid response to the needs of those affected by conflict or disasters.

Therefore, when we introduce ourselves to the beneficiaries, we say: We work to meet the needs of human resource development by developing the capabilities and capabilities of individuals, communities and institutions, and respond to the humanitarian needs of those affected by conflict or disasters.


Where Do We Work?

Our geographical scope of work includes all the governorates of Iraq, including the governorates and regions of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, and to ensure that we do not risk distracting ourselves too much. We focus in our work on Baghdad, Erbil, Nineveh and Anbar, which are the areas in which we intensify our efforts and work to create a successful experience in development, work and service provision However, we give ourselves the ability and flexibility to work in areas that require a rapid response from civil society, such as places at risk of conflict, or disasters in the collapse of infrastructure and the displacement of people, where we work for a rapid response to

Our Programs 

  1. Nonviolence and Peacebuilding Program: Through it we work on (preventing society from violence, promoting sustainable peace in society, and recovering from the effects of violence).
  2. Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Program: Through this program we work on (raising awareness of rights, preventing violence and discrimination, empowering for independence)
  3. The Human Rights Program: We work through the program to (guarantee the rights of individuals and communities, promote development, and deal with emergency situations).