Campaign(Stop Violence against Women)


 For decades, especially in recent years, the suffer of Iraqi women are increasing , and to this day they are suffering from injustice and persecution and discrimination and, unfortunately, still in their arbitrary actions facing practices of pacifism, mostly due to the lack of adequate Iraqi legislation of the principle of equality and non discrimination between women and men, , As well as customs and traditions to the unfair and wrong understanding of religion, and despite the fact that Iraq is a member of a treaty against all forms of Discrimination against Women, There are still strict rules for  women to obtain their rights to live in dignity and freedom, there is still a great lack of a culture of equality between men and women in Iraqi society, and we believe that its  the root cause of the increasing phenomenon of violence against women in Iraq.

Iraqi women have suffered under the previous authoritarian regimes, and by war, occupation and sectarian violence, they paid the price in double and the result is the emergence of an army of widows estimated in millions, This is in addition to unemployment and the withdrawal of women from the street and staying at home as a result of fear and hostility, which correspond to them every time she searches for her role in building her country.

the contribution of women in political life, and which have a quota system in elections are the foundation and is an important factor in the empowerment of women, but not sufficient, it must be the realization of the principle of equality at the level of Iraqi legislation and the executive management level in Iraq and at the level of the rights to education and to work, We must work hard to stand up against the customs and traditions that justify violence against women in Iraq.

We are in Iraqi Nonviolence Group in Iraq, on March 8 International Women's Day Salute Iraqi women, and in light of the significant improvement in security and our belief that everyone is responsible to face the phenomenon of violence against women and women's access to all their rights as men. The group will execute many activities and events to combat violence against women under the slogan (Stop Violence against Women), and we are attempting to mobilize everyone to face the phenomenon of violence against women.

 On this occasion, we demand the Iraqi government and the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Regional Government of Kurdistan and Kurdistan Parliament, and all civil institutions to amend the text of the Iraqi constitution, with particular regard to Article 41 by deleting it, And start the text of the reservation laws of civil rights of women based on the principle of non-discrimination and taking into account international laws and conventions, particularly the Convention of impede Discrimination against Women

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