Group (nonviolence) calls for political blocs to comply with the decision of the Federal Court


The group urged the most violent of Iraq, Sunday, the political blocs to abide by the decision of the Supreme Federal Court judge to end the parliamentary session of open, calling for political forces to accelerate the formation of the government.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors Community Ibrahim Ismail told (Voices of Iraq), "We are in a group of violent Iraqi network includes a set of non-governmental organizations, we have to include our voice to the rest of the organizations and individuals and personalities in the claim to end the political crisis, we welcome this crucial decision obliging the President of the Age ofParliament Fuad Masum an end to the open meeting and call for political blocs to accelerate the formation of the government and abide by the decision of the Federal Court. "
Ismail said that "the decision will bring the debate into parliament because we are in a group of the heaviest we see that the correct path is the return of dialogues and debates in parliament, not outside," noting that civil society organizations "have proved in this crisis, and patriotism and worthiness to political issues in the country as a group of Non-Violence Iraqi schedule of all the provinces of Iraq under the slogan that time to form an Iraqi government and enough of what is happening and participated delay big rallies in defense in front of the House of Representatives in Baghdad as well as in Firdous Square to end the parliamentary session open. "
A spokesman for the Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul Sattar Bayraktar said that the 


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