Almesalla arranges a training course for activists in Diyala


Almesalla, with the coordination of civil society organizations, for the purpose of developing human capabilities, is organizing a training course for the activists of Diyala.

This course which is held from July 8th to 10th 2017 in Hawler and it covers “settling differences, dialog, judgmental expert and negotiations”.

Almesalla arranged this course in partnership with organizations of peace and freedom and reform institute for development with the support of UNDP organization.

This course is being held with the works of “reinforcement of social unity in Diyala” and several local and foreign trainers teach lessons about settlement of disagreements.

The most important subjects that have been mentioned in this course were ” How to protect the social unity of this governorate, Developing non-violent steps and changing the behavior of society after the crises”.      

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