Almesalla held a working group for activists in Duhok


Almesalla, with the coordination of UPP organization, for the purpose of developing human capabilities is continuing the activities of “The Youth of Mesopotamia” project which was held last time in Duhok

As part of the preparation of the Kurdistan social forum, for the purpose of developing humane capabilities Almesalla organized a working group in Duhok, one of them was for youth activities and another for women affairs.

This comes at a time which Almesalla previously made the same groups and teams in the cities of Hawler, sulaimany and Arbat.

The latest meeting in Duhok which was held in June 31st 2017, several activists and organizations (30 people in total) participated. They exchanged several ideas, and were able to develop a coordination group among themselves that is managed by Almesalla.

It is decided that in January with the participation of most organizations of Kurdistan region, Kurdistan social forum activities will be held in the city of Kalar in Garmiyan.

The youth of Mesopotamia projects are being directed by Almesalla with financial support European Union and several of the local and international organizations.   

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