Almesalla supervised a working group in Arbat


Almesalla Organization for Human Resources Development, in cooperation with UPP and IDP supervised a working group in Arbat.

The teams of this organization could gather around 15 to 20 activists of NGO in Arbat,  and work on the Kurdistan social forum which is to be held in Kurdistan soon.

In this Almesalla’s work group which is conducted in Arbat, two activist groups were put together, and they were specialized for claiming and fighting for the rights of refugees that fled from the disputed territories.

Almesalla intends that despite Arbat they want to put together similar groups in some other parts of Kurdistan, and they choose their representatives internally to participate in the Kurdistan social forum festival.

This project that was conducted by Almesalla with association of the local and international organizations was funded by European Union.

In some time soon, Almesalla will preapare and organize the same work and project in the city of Duhok, to connect all the civil activists in one large network.

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